How to Use Kava in a Responsible Manner

Take Advantage of the Effects on Mind and Body and Do So Responsibly

How We Use Intoxicants 
As a young man, I can say truthfully state that my friends and I didn’t know how to drink alcohol or any other intoxicant in a responsible manner.  We had been programmed to binge on  the things we liked.   This mode of consumption does not work with Kava.  The effects of Kava can me maximized by consuming the right amount.   It can be said that consuming more Kava does not bring any better effect and may actual have negative effects.   When I first started Kava, I took the same “more is better” approach as I took with Alcohol.  Imagine my surprise when I learned over time that two shells (8oz) was all I really needed and more was not going to make me feel any better.  To this day, I credit Kava with re-programming the way I drink Alcohol on my No Kava days.
Some Background
People always ask me why I drink Kava.  I have always loved alcohol.  I love to analyze my single malt scotches,  I love red wine with beef, and  I crave ice cold craft beer after a day of yard work.   I am very fit for my age and I watch my diet and exercise daily.  So one day I took my blood pressure and my normally low readings had jumped 30 points out of nowhere.  I was having a hard time at work and I had no idea that the stress was trying to kill me.  I had a bottle of Xanax but I always felt very agitated the next day and had to take another to feel better.  My alcohol consumption had gone up but all I got from that is a fitful nights sleep and a hangover the next day.  So after searching the internet and trying a bevy of botanicals, I finally settled on Kava. So  I would like to pass on to you what I have learned about Kava and how I feel Kava should be used.
How Kava Should Be Used
First you should take the mind set that you are going to drink Kava ONLY until you feel the relaxed feeling that you seek and then you are going to stop drinking.   This is not beer, we are not going to drink until the six pack is gone.  The Kava should  be consumed in intervals of 15-20 minutes.  The time between Shells gives you the opportunity to listen to the Kava and listen to your own body.  Focus on your body and mind and see if the relaxed feeling is taking hold.  When you start feeling relaxed and comfortable, then stop drinking.  Put the Kava Tea in the fridge for tomorrow.  You can always go back and have another shell in an hour if you see fit.  However, I don’t recommend drinking Kava in the last hour before you go to bed.
Single MindedNess Turns off the Chatter
Now take advantage of the relaxed feeling and find something that you like to do.  Listen to an audiobook, read a book, listen to music,  watch TV, work on a hobby, Yoga, Walking, Working out, etc. Something that is “single minded”.    The path to relaxation is to stop the Non Stop Mindless Chatter in your mind and replace it with a single minded idea or task that is relaxing to you.  The Kava helps turn off the  Worry-Machine in our minds and makes it easy for us to relax.  Perhaps that is why people with anxiety issues gravitate to Kava in the first place.
The Residual Effect and Final Outcome
When it is time to sleep, you will notice that you will sleep deeper and less fitfully when you have taken your Kava responsibly.   And what a blessing it is to wake up the next day without a hangover, and feeling calm, relaxed,  and at peace with the world.   Yes fellow seekers, this can happen to you … but you have to work at it.
Your Faithful Servant,
The  Kavabriarian