Kava Basics

This page is devoted to listing the very basic information that every newcomer to Kava needs to know.  If you  have never tried Kava, then this is the perfect place for you to create a foundation of knowledge.   We also recommend the Kava section on Reddit as a good place to find basic information about kava.  It is a well moderated no nonsense forum for people looking for good answers.   
  •  About Kava

    • What is Kava, from where did it originate, and how is it used by Modern Day Man.
  • Kava Preparation
    • Find out the various ways of preparing Kava Tea (grog) with a water, kava, and a simple nylon food grade strainer.
  • Kava Chemotypes
    • Kava has 6 major Kavalactones that provide the Psychoactive effects of Kava.  Every Kava has  these Kavalactones in different ratios or Chemotypes.
  • Types of Kava
    • Good Kava is named Noble Kava and it is processed many ways for human consumption.
  • Reverse Tolerance
    • This thread could be called, “Why don’t I feel any effects from Kava”?   Read on and find out about Reverse Tolerance.
  • Kava Side Effects
    • There is no such thing in the world as a perfect drug. Even Kava has some side effects and some things to be careful for.
  • Using Kava Responsibly
    • This page discusses how Kava should be used and not abused.
Here are the links to the latest information posted on The Kava Library.  Please find new posts for Kava Reviews and Tudei Kava.