Kava Kool-Aid

This Kava Recipe reminds me of the old Grape Lemon Coolaid I used to drink as a child. The ingredients are inexpensive and the drink is very tasty.
4 oz. of water
2 tablespoons of Concentrated Frozen Grape Juice
3 tabs of Instant Kava
4-6 oz of Ginger Ale (small bottle)
1/2 lime or lemon
Add the Instant Kava in the water and mix well.
Add 2 tabs Frozen Grape Concentrate and Stir.
Add juice of the lime/lemon
Add Ice
Pour Ginger Ale till to the top.
You can take 6 oz. of Grog,  add the Grape Extract,the lime, and 4/5 ice cubes.  This Kava Recipe tastes better good for Kava tea .