Kava Recipe for Mokka Kava Kaffee (Using Grog)

I love my morning coffee and I love a good iced coffee in the afternoon.  This recipe insures that you will sleep well even if you  have coffee in the afternoon.  A few words of caution.  Use a high Kavain Hawiian Kava, not a sedating one.  Sip it slowly and listen to your body to make sure you can handle the two.  I love the combo but I know people who get Heart Palpitations from caffein so go slow and listen to your body.
About 6 oz. of Kava Tea prepared the Tradicional way (Grog)
Make extra coffee in the morning, about 3 to 4 oz. I used Hawaii Mokka (get it?)
Cocoa Power
Condensed Milk (Tablespoon)
Sugar Syrup (Google it, just water and sugar) and it is Optional
Put the Leftover Coffee in a small Pan with 1 tablespoon of Cocoa Powder and stir
Add one Table Spoon of Condensed Milk
Heat on low until Mixed and save for the afternoon.
Add  6 oz. of prepared Kava Tea to your Coffee Mix.
Add Sugar Syrup to Taste (the condensed milk is already sweet)
Add Ice and enjoy.
This drink is a very nice pick me up.  I like Kavain Kava and Coffee but sip slowy to make sure you can handle the two.  One of the few times when I can sleep after having coffee in the afternoon.