Kava Recipe – Kava Colada

Kava Colada
In this Kava Recipe, I mixed Instant Kava and Micronized Kava.  You can do both or just one or the other.  The color of the Kava Kalada will not be perfect because of the color of the Kava but the taste is on target.
1 tablespoon of GHK Instant Kava
1 Tablespoon of GHK Micronized Kava
1 Can of Bacardi Pina Colada Frozen Mix (it will keep in the Freezer for a while)
Add the Kava to the Warm to the warm water and stir well.
Add the 2 Tablespoons of Colada Extract and stir well.
Add Ice
Top off with cool water.
Keep your Spoon handy.
Now imagine you are sitting on the Beach with your Sunglasses and Beach Hat and you are watching the Ebb and Tide of the Ocean as you sip your Kocktail.   Now chill ….
For Kava tea, I just put the Pina Colada Frozen Mix and Ice into the Grog.