Kava Reverse Tolerance

All we are asking, is give Kava a Chance

Kava Reverse Tolerance.
A common complaint amongst first time users is, “I took the Kava and I felt absolutely no effects”.   If you are one of the complainers, then you are most likely suffering from Kava Reverse Tolerance.   The theory behind Reverse Tolerance is that the body has to be trained to respond to the effects of Kava.  Some people say that you have to built up Kavalactones in your body.   Another popular theory is that you have to learn to “listen to the Kava”.  Others say that the problem is psychological and that you will finally feel it when you are ready.
Give it Time
What do you do about this inconvenience.  The remedy is very simple.  Just take your Kava for a week or two until you start to feel the effects.   One thing is certain, you will still sleep well whether you feel the effects immediately or not.