Kavas of the World

Welcome to our new section called Kavas of the World.    Kava is primarily grown in Hawaii and a cluster of Islands in the South Pacific.  Some call these Islands and Australia the continent of Oceania (not to be confused with the lost continent of Atlantis).   We have been collecting information on the various strains and chemotypes that flourish in the Islands and we are in the process of posting the content.
Hawaiian Kava
The original Polynesians migrated to Hawaii and brought their Kava with them.   Here is some background on the History of Kava in Hawaii.  So far, there have been 13 Kavas identified in Hawaii and we have detailed information on each strain.
It is thought that Vanuatu is where kava originated.  It was one of the first Islands researched by Dr. Vincent Lebot, famous kava scientist.  It is also well know for having heavy kavas whose chemotypes start with a 2.    They are also at the forefront of protecting their kava industry by showing the world that they disapprove of Tudei Kava.   The Vanuatu Act of 2002  fired the first salvo in the battle against Tudei by outlawing the exportation of Tudei Kava.  You can learn more about the Kavas of Vanuatu on this page.
Fiji Islands
The Fiji Islands are also a big player in the kava industry and kava is a big cash crop in Fiji.  Not to be outdone by Vanuatu, they also have a Fiji Quality Control Manual which gives kava farmers guidelines on how to produce good quality kava that is safe for consumers and export.   You can learn more about the Kavas of Fiji on this Web Page.
‘Though there is a scarcity of kava in Tonga, it is also an important cash crop for farmers.  It is so important that a Owen Muller, a kava farmer in Tonga, decided to open a Kava Academy to help farmers grow kava for export.  Our Tongan section is also under construction and like the others, will have a section for itself.
Other Islands
There are other islands where Kava is grown and these include the Solomon Islands, Samoa, and Papa New Guinea.  Thought not often mentioned as big kava producers, we intend to provide meaty information on these smaller players in the kava industry.
Kava Consumer Guide
The Kava Consumer Guide is a list of Kavas that are currently being sold by various kava vendors.  The guide will be presented with a variety of sort options and selection criteria so that you might be able to focus on the particular kava you are seeking.