Micronized Kava Syrup

A Very Potent Kava Concentrate

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Facts About Micronized Kava
Out of Instant, Micronized, and Kava Powder, Micronized Kava is my favorite. Micronized is basically Kava that is very finely ground. But I only use Micronized Kava from Gourmet Hawaiian Kava for several reasons.
In olden times, the Islanders would remove the coase fibers called “Makas” when they prepared their Kava Tea. They must have know that these fibers contained unwanted substances and they can also wreck a sensitive stomach. So GHK prescribes to this idea and has a technique for removing the “Makas” from the Kava Root before they grind the root. Almost 50% of Kava is lost in this process and so you are left with pure unadulterated Kava root. During the grinding process, the Micronized Kava undergoes a proprietary process that then ruptures the cell walls of the Kava to insure that that all the Kavalactones are released upon ingestion. So out of all the Kavas, the Micronzed Kava from GHK is the most Noble, pure, and potent.
Now many people who prepare regular Finely Ground Kava Powder in the Traditional way complain that the fibers get thru the strainer and upset their stomach. These are the “makas” at work once again and GHK makes sure that their “regular powder” is done in a Medium Grind to prevent this.
So micronized Kava can be stirred into juice or your favorite cocktail mix. Even then, some people complain about the small amounts of fiber and so the Micronized Kava Syrup preparation technique was born.
Micronized Kava Syrup
 This Kava Syrup is made by Blending your Micronized Kava and then straining it thru your strainer. The result is a thick concentrated Kava Syrup.  What are the advantages of Kava Syrup:
  • Completely eliminates any fibers for sensitive stomachs.
  • Create a Kava Concentrate that can be added to any juice or Kocktail Mix on short notice
  • Mix different Micronized Kavas to create a totally different Kavalactone profile.
Some people are afraid that making Kava Syrup is wasteful. That’s why we highly recommend you do a second wash.
Total of 24 oz. of liquid divided into 18 and 6 oz portions at about 130 degrees or at least warm to the touch.
8 to 10 Tablespoons of Micronized Kava.
A 16oz Bottle with a Lock Cap (see picture below) or a big Glass and saran wrap.
A blender.
One big bowl with the strainer in it and one smaller bowl for the second wash.
Put Kava and 18oz of liquid into the blender and blend for 30 seconds.
Beforehand, put 6 oz of liquid into the smaller bowl
Pour blender contents into the strainer and big bowl.
Slowly squeeze the syrup out. If you squeeze too hard, it may end up flying across the kitchen.
Bottle this in a 16 oz bottle with a lock cap or a big glass with saran wrap.
Second Wash
Now scrape off the Kava Goo from your hands into the second bowl .
Place the strainer in the second bowl and let the liquid rinse the Kava Syrup from around the strainer.
Now squeeze and knead until you start feeling small fibers devoid of syrup.
At that point, the micronized Kava is tapped out and you are done.
This second wash is very potent and I usually make a tall Kava Kocktail with it the same day.
A bottle of syrup will last me at least three days. It is convenient, devoid of fiber, very potent, and has almost no taste.
The Lock Cap bottles can be found at Amazon by googling Swing Cap Bottle.
You can also buy them at Midwest Supplies for 2.99 each.
If you have a home brew store, then you can buy them there.
There are many varieties of beer that use the bottles as well.